Education is the most important element of treatment for this age group.  It doesn't matter how many times mum has told them to "stand up straight", they don't listen.  Sometimes this postural advice sinks in more quickly coming from their osteopath.  Other key areas of advice include footwear, school bags, study/desk ergonomics and laptop usage.

Successful treatment of adolescents relies on them feeling like they are part of their own treatment process.  So often we forget that teenagers are no longer children (no matter how many times they remind us otherwise), and answer for them or make assumptions on how they feel or what has happened.

At Quay Osteopathy we aim to gauge as much information as possible from the adolescent patient and then supplement this with what their parents have observed and a detailed medical history (even teenagers will admit to being vague on these details).

Treatment then depends on the individual teen.  We take into account an individuals pain threshold, level of trust and forces experienced with regular sporting activites.  Some teenagers will respond best to gentle, unwinding techniques similar to those used with babies and children, others will be at the stage of responding well to an adult-style, structural treatment. 

The beauty of treatment with adolescents is that they rarely have chronic pain issues, therefore they tend to respond much more quickly to treatment than adults with a similar complaint.