We don't believe in old.  Too often we see people accepting stiffness and reduced flexibility as inevitable as they mature.  Or worse, they feel forced to cease activity completely because of arthritis or chronic pain.  While there are times when injuries and weakness mean that we do need to rest an area or modify an activity, at Quay Osteo our goal is to keep you doing what you love.  There are likely to be some battle scars and old football/netball/skiing injuries, but these tell a story of a life well lived.  Don't accept age as the excuse for ongoing aches and pains. 

Our highly-trained Osteopaths understand the mechanics of how your body works.  Through a range of hands-on techniques that can include massage, stretching and manipulation, we will will tailor a treatment to suit your individual needs.   We can't promise to make you 20 again, but by improving joint mobility we stimulate better lubrication and health of the joints which may reduce pain in chronic arthritis.

We are also trained in strengthening and rehab, which means that we can identify areas of weakness that are creating recurring problems for you.  Having a foundation of strength and stability is the platform required for all activities - golf, hiking, chasing grandkids - your options are endless.

We pride ourselves on listening to your needs.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or hesitations you'd like to discuss before making an appointment.