As club osteopath at the Carlton Football Club in 2009 and 2011 our principal osteopath has an excellent grounding in sports injuries, injury management and injury prevention.

When an injury occurs, there is rarely a magic overnight cure.  Tissues take time to heal, regardless of whether it has been muscle, ligament or bone that has suffered trauma.  However, understanding your injury from the outset and the expected timeframe for recovery will make a substantial difference in being able to structure your rehabilitation program and return to activity.

Quay Osteopathy prides itself on practitioners with well-honed diagnostic skills which include orthopedic testing and structural assessment.  This means that we will assess the cause, location and severity of the injury accurately, provide referral for diagnostic imaging (x-ray, MRI, ultrasound) if necessary and explain all of this to you in terminology that you will understand.  YOU are the most important part of the recovery process and we will give you the information required to get you back to activity quickly and avoid re-injury in the future.