Golf is one of the incredible activities that goes beyond being merely a sport, but rather it is a lifestyle.  And, at times, quite a frustrating one! Quay Osteopathy takes a special interest in golf from the perspective that a comfortable swing requires symmetry, flexibility and timing.  Australia's own Adam Scott regularly sees an Osteopath.

If you are like me, in any given round, there are always a handful of those sweet shots.  And each and everyone of them is followed by the thought: "If only I could do that every time..."

Do any of these statements apply to you?

- I need to take nurofen/panadol before a round to get through.

- My arthritis is playing up.My left hip/knee/low back hurt when I drive the ball.

- I might need to take the cart around today.

- Sorry, but I'm going to have to pull out of Tuesday's competition because of (insert pain)

To reproduce the same shot over and over, the body needs to begin from a place of symmetry.  Quite often the position where our body feels symmetrical to us and where we are actually symmetrical are vastly different places.

Osteopathic assessment identifies the areas of restricted movement within the body that are maintaining your asymmetrical posture and applies treatment to correct this misalignment.  Golfers will sometimes comment after a treatment that they feel crooked, while at the same time their wives or mates comment on how they look "straighter" or "taller".  This is because our bodies develop a chronic habit of being comfortably asymmetrical.  It comes as a surprise when it is actually balanced again, and can take a short period of adjustment before the tissues let out an "Ahhh..." sigh of relief.

Imagine what that could do for your golf game?