During your initial consultation at Quay Osteopathy you can expect your Osteopath to take a thorough history, detailing how the pain or discomfort started, how it has progressed and anything that you have done already to ease your symptoms.  Your osteopath will also take a complete medical history which may provide key information to the underlying cause of the condition or may be referred back to next time you attend the clinic for a different complaint.

Your osteopath will then complete a musculo-skeletal assessment to identify your pain and diagnose the cause of it (sometimes this may be obvious, like a gardening injury; other times it requires careful consideration of repetitive patterns associated with home, sport or work).

After explaining the condition to you, your osteopath will perform gentle soft tissue techniques to promote relaxation of the muscular tone and improved mobility of the joints

Lastly, you will go home with exercise and advice on how to prevent the injury recurring.