The age old question:  I have pain, who should I see?

There are similaries and differences between all professions who come under the "manual therapy" umbrella.  There are also similarities and differences between practitioners within the same profession.

With this in mind, it is impossible to tell you who is the absolute best practitioner for you and it would be presumptive to tell you about a profession which we haven't studied.  What we can tell you is that it is important that you find a healthcare provider who you feel comfortable with, who provides you with clear information on your diagnosis and timeframe for recovery and gets you results for your complaint.

We treat numerous clients who have tried other professions and have found the most effective relief at Quay Osteopathy.  We are confident that we can help you.  And if for some reason we can't, we will gladly provide a referral to an appropriate professional who can.  Your health is our priority