Osteopathy is a gentle and safe treatment form for babies and children.  It is often difficult for an infant or young child to communicate areas of discomfort or pain.  Our osteopath has undertaken ongoing learning in Biodynamic Osteopathy, a form of cranial osteopathy, to develop skills that allow areas of tension or reduced function in infants and children to be identified.

Biodynamic Osteopathy can be a very effective type of treatment for presentations such as difficulty feeding (attaching and suckling), colic, poor sleep, excessive crying and general irritability.

It is sometimes asked why a newborn would need manual treatment?  We must remember that the birth process can be quite forceful and traumatic for both the mother and the child.  Long labours, fast deliveries, breech or posterior positions, getting a "shoulder stuck" or forceps and caesarian deliveries can all result in strain patterns developing in the skull and spine. 

Newborns are remarkable in their design.  The different plates of bone that make up the skull overlap during the birth process to allow for an easier passage of the head, which often results in a misshapen skull at birth.  The body recognises this and slowly self-corrects.  However, if other strains have taken place it can confuse or distract the body's ability to heal.  Cranial Osteopathy supports these strain patterns in a gentle way that allows your baby to move back towards it's perfection and original "blueprint".