Each individual has different activities that they enjoy and different goals that they wish to achieve.  Regardless of the sport you choose or how hard you play, beginning from a place of alignment and balance will increase your strength and enable you to reach your peak performance.  Most importantly, it will help to avoid injuries caused by poor body mechanics.

Quay Osteo's founder, Dr. Laura Walsh, comes from a background as club osteopath at Carlton Football Club.  Osteopathic treatment was recognised by the Carlton players as an important part of their routine to recover from game day and prepare for the next match.  Increased flexibility in hamstrings and the lower spine allowed for more power with kicking, manouvering around tackles and reduced post-match soreness.

Making Osteopathy part of your exercise routine will help you avoid niggling repetitive strain injuries and structure a plan to move towards fitness goals that you'd never thought possible.